Our video page type was designed to make uploading many youtube videos at the same time as simple as possible. The following article will outline exactly how to place your playlist of youtube videos on your HostBaby Video Page.

If you have already added your videos to a playlist, and just need help getting the videos onto the site, click here, to skip ahead.

If you already have a video page, and just want to know how to add a single video to your video page, click here, to skip ahead.

Start by navigating to the first video you want on your playlist. To do this, go to and search for your video. In our example we just used one of our tutorial videos.

Next, click on the "Add to" button as shown with the red arrow on the below image.

Next, click "Create new playlist" as depicted below.

Then, type in what you want to call the playlist and click "Create". Keep in mind, this is something the customer will see, and will type in, to find the playlist on YouTube.

Congratulations! You just made a new playlist on YouTube.

Now, to verify you did it right, click on the Hamburger menu at the top left corner of YouTubes interface. It looks like 3 lines stacked on top of each other. See the below screenshot for the exact position.

Then you will see the playlist under "Library". If you have many playlists, you may have to click "Show More" to see it. If you still do not see it, try again from the beginning, as a step was likely skipped.

Once you have the playlist made, and showing under "Library" in YouTube, you are ready to start adding more videos to the playlist. The next step is to navigate to your next video in YouTube.

Again, you will want to click "Add To" as shown below.

Now, when you click on "Add to" you will see that it lists the playlist you created in the previous steps. Click the playlist name you created earlier.

Done! You have just added another video to your playlist!

Now, lets actually get this playlist onto your site.

Click on the hamburger menu again, in YouTube, and click on the name of the playlist. You should be presented with a screen that lists your playlists. It will look something like this:


From here, click on the "Share" Button.

This will bring up the share interface. Copy the URL that is in the box that pops up on your screen.

Adding a YouTube video playlist to your site

Now that you have your playlist created, you need to go to your dashboard to get ready to add the playlist to your site. Refer to your welcome email we sent you when you first signed up, for the link to sign in to your dashboard.

Once logged in, go to Manage Pages, and click "Add a New Page"

Now, Select the video page type:

You will then need to give the page a name, and click "Add"

Now on the next page, it will give you a big YouTube logo, where it says, "Add Playlist from YouTube".

Click on that button and you will be presented with a prompt for your playlist that we copied earlier. Paste in your URL here that we copied earlier from Youtube, and click "Add Playlist".

You will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

Once you see this page where it shows your playlist, you are done! Your playlist will be visible to anyone who visits this page. As a side note, make sure the page is published, or no one will be able to visit the page.

Video Page - Add a Single Video

You can now add a single video to your video page. The function behind this was to allow you to place videos that may not necessarily be hosted on YouTube, or just a single video from YouTube. This will include videos from Vimeo, Facebook, and other media sources.

To start, navigate to your video page you created in the previous steps in your "Manage Pages" section.

From here, click on "Add Single Video".

Next it will prompt you for a URL for Facebook, or another source.

Now, you will need to go to the location your video is at and get the link. Depending on where that video is, will depend on how you get the link.

For Facebook:

Navigate to a video you would like to share.

Next, Right Click on the video, you will see a drop down for "Show Video URL". Click that as shown below.

Once clicked, you will see a URL displayed.

Copy that URL, it is what you will paste into the prompt on the video page.

For Vimeo:

Navigate to the video you want to use.

Next, Hover your mouse over the video, you will see a blue paper airplane in the right side that says "Share". Click on that.

From there, copy the code in the first box on the top left, as indicated by the arrow.

This is the code that will go into the prompt on your video page.

Once you have copied the code from your video source, paste the code into your add video prompt from the earlier step, and click "Add Video".

You will know that you are done, when you see the video appear in the list of playlists, and videos on your page, as seen below.

Congratulations! That's all there is to it!

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