Using RoundCube

The RoundCube webmail has several main sections:

  1. Refresh Inbox - This button will reload the current folder and check for new mails
  2. Compose - Create a new email
  3. Reply - Write a response to the currently selected email
  4. Reply All - Write a response to everyone who received the selected email
  5. Forward - Send the selected email to a specific person or group of people
  6. Delete - Delete the selected email(s)
  7. Junk - Mark the selected email(s) as spam and move it to the Junk folder
  8. Mark - Highlight the email as special by marking it a different color
  9. More Commands - Display additional options that are available but not displayed on normal menu
  10. Search Mailbox - Look for an email from a specific person or content from the subject line of an email
  11. Filter - Change which emails are displayed
  12. Address Book - View contacts saved in webmail
  13. Settings - Change how RoundCube webmail is setup
  14. Inbox - The folder where all emails are received
  15. Drafts - Emails saved before being sent
  16. Sent - List of all emails sent from the email account
    • NOTE: Emails sent from POP3 email accounts may not appear here
  17. Junk - Any email(s) marked as junk will be filtered here. Also known as your spam folder.
  18. Trash - When you delete an email it will be moved here until it is permanently deleted from the server
  19. Mail - When viewing the Address Book or Settings sections, clicking here will return you to your email messages
  20. Email Headers - Many times users will want to filter how they see emails based on the subject, date, sender, etc. Click one of these headers to sort by the field you have clicked on.
    • NOTE: Default is to filter by date and time
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