Add an Email Alias/Forward

Email Aliases let you have multiple email address act like one. As an example, if your main email address was then you could create and as aliases that can receive email which will show up in the inbox for

This also works if you have multiple domain names too, letting you receive email to at your inbox.

To create an Email Alias, login to your Site Builder Dashboard and go to Settings, then go to Email Settings. This will bring you into the Email Admin panel.


Once you've gotten into the Email Admin panel, below Aliases/Forwards click on "Add one?", which will take you into the setup screen.

On the left-hand side, in the Username field, enter what you'd like to appear before Then on the right-hand side pick an existing email address from the drop-down menu or enter an email address such as in the text box. Lastly click Add to save the new Alias.

That's it! Your new Alias/Forward is now live, and you can start sharing your new email address with friends and fans.

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