Apple Mail

To add a HostBaby email account to Apple Mac Mail, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Launch Mac Mail and go to: Mail > Preferences > Accounts

  2. In the lower left-hand corner, you will see Plus (+) and Minus (-) symbols. Click on the Plus (+) symbol to ADD an email account. This will take you to the Account Setup Wizard:

  3. Enter the following details
    • Full Name: Enter the name you would like your emails to show in the From field
    • Email Address: Enter your full email address
    • Password: Your email address password; This is set by you when creating the email account, and if you don't know it you can reset it.

  4. After everything has been filled out, then click Continue

  5. Incoming Mail Server

    • Account Type: Your email account can be setup as either POP3 or IMAP, but we strongly recommend using IMAP.
    • Description: This is an optional field, enter a comment about the email account you are adding. This information is for your reference only.
    • Incoming Mail Server: The email server address is
    • Username: Your full email address
    • Password - This field should already be filled in from when you entered the email account password earlier, but if not use the password you set for the email account when it was created. If you don't know it you can reset it.

  6. Once all the fields have been completed, click Continue

  7. Incoming Mail Security

    • Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL): This MUST be checked.
    • Authentication: Set this to Password.

  8. Then click Continue.

  9. Outgoing Mail Server

    • Description: Enter a descriptive comment about the account you are adding, this is for your reference only.
    • Outgoing Mail Server: The server address is
      • If you have other accounts already added to Apple Mail you will see a drop-down menu. Select from the drop-down list if you've already added an email address at your domain before.
    • Check Use only this server
    • Check Use Authentication
    • Verify User Name is set to your full email address
    • Make sure your password is correct; re-enter it if needed or not filled out

  10. Then click Continue.

  11. Outgoing Mail Security:

    • Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL): This MUST be checked.
    • Authentication: Set this to Password.

  12. Then click Continue.

  13. Account Summary:

  14. Verify all the information is accurate, and make sure "Take account online" is checked

  15. Then click Create, and you're all set!
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