Android Devices

To check your HostBaby email on an Android device, you will need to setup an email client on your device to manage the mailbox.

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First, open the Mail app on your device. This may vary slightly from device to device, but the main settings should stay the same. Once the email application is open, you will have to select what type of account you want to use. We strongly recommend that you use IMAP, but POP3 can be used as well.

From here, You will need to fill in your email info.

Start by placing your email address in the field that says "Email Address".

Next, also place your email address into the "Username" field.

Place your EMAIL PASSWORD into the prompt that says "Password"

(Note: You MUST use your email password that you set when you created the email account. The password you use to login to your website may not work to access your email, they are separate.)


The Security type should be set to: "SSL (Accept all certificates)". When you change this, it should change the port for you as well, but if it does not, change the port to 993.


When you are done click "Next". On the next screen, it will prompt you for very similar settings, but these are for the outgoing server settings. For the most part, these are the same. The only exception is the SMTP server address, which is now

Set the security type again to: "SSL (Accept all certificates)", and again doing this should change the port to 465, but if it does not, make sure the port is set to 465.

Make sure the box for "Require Sign in" is also checked, and that it has your full email address in the "Username" field.


Once you have verified that your settings are correct, click "Next".

Finally you will have some personalization settings. These determine how/when the mail is checked on your device. Set these settings however you would prefer to get your mail.

Mail Server Settings

Incoming Server Settings Outgoing Server Settings
IMAP server:
Username: Username:
Security Type: SSL (Accept all certificates) Port: 993  Security Type: SSL (Accept all certificates) Port: 465 
  Requires Sign in should be checked.


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