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NOTE: Due to a change in Apple's Security Policies, this section is under development, and may be subject to change. If you start experiencing any issues after following these instructions, feel free to contact support for any newly updated information that may not be present in this document.

Update 04/18/17: Due to changes to Apples Security policy, you will get a security pop up when setting up the account. It will say the certificate cannot be trusted. This is because you have not accepted the certificate on your device. When you get that message, there will be a box that says "Always Trust" check that box. You will have to do it once for incoming connections, and again for outgoing, but it should only happen once each.

Jump to server settings

Start by opening the "Settings" section on your Apple device. From here, go to Mail and Accounts.

Click on "Add a new Mail account". You will be presented with this screen:

Click on the option that says, "Other". On the next screen that loads, click "Add Mail Account".

On the next page, fill in your email information. In our examples, it will say "" or, but make sure to use your own domain name in these places. For example, if your email address was you would put in for the email, and usernames, whenever it asks for it. For server names, it would be "".

Once you have filled this out, click "Next" in the upper right corner.

On the next screen that you are presented with, fill in these settings with your own information, as shown below.

Do the same for the Outgoing server settings as well.


On Devices running iOS 9 or older, when you first finish this step, it will give you an error regarding a security certificate. There will be an option to either install the certificate, or to "Always Trust" this certificate. Make sure you do so, or your mail will not work. This will not affect the security of your email with us.

On devices running iOS 10 or newer, the setup instructions are identical, but instead of using your domain for the incoming and outgoing host names, you may need to use the direct email server address to allow you to check your mail. Please contact support to correct email server for your site.

Mail Server Settings

Incoming Server Settings Outgoing Server Settings
IMAP Server:
Username: Username:
Security Type: SSL (Accept all certificates) Port: 993 Security Type: SSL (Accept all certificates) Port: 465
  Requires Sign in should be checked.
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