Adding and importing contacts into ListBaby

Easy Import of Existing Lists - Multiple Contacts

Do you have a mailing list already or multiple contacts you would like to import? ListBaby has made this very simple.

If you have more than just email addresses, here's the type and format the document should be prior to importing.

First, make sure that your CSV (comma separated file) file has the headings below:

email, first_name, last_name, street_1, street_2, city, state, zipcode, country, phone

These headings are case sensitive, meaning you must use lower case headings to successfully import your CSV file into ListBaby2.

NOTE: You do not need to use all of the above headings, just add headings for the info you have entered, but make sure they're in the order shown above.

So your completed CSV should look something like this:

email, first_name, last_name, city, Cameron, Troney, Portland, Jimmy, Dole, San Francisco, Cate, Phlegmming, Detroit, William, Phanning, L.A., Jimminy, Cricket, Miami, Ferris, Hemmingway, Chicago, Jimmy, James, Dallas

You can download an example CSV file here.

Now that you have created your document let's go through the steps to import it.

  1. Click on CONTACTS located in the menu at the top. You will be taken to the following window:
  2. Click the BROWSE button and navigate to the document you just created. Click upload and presto that's it.
  3. If we were to import the CSV document for the above sample list, your next window would look like the below:
  4. If all of the contacts you just imported were fans, you could click the radio button at the top, which selects ALL, and then add the tag "fan" to all the contacts : )

Adding Users Yourself - One at a Time

Import your existing list, or start fresh and use our easy built-in subscribe form to collect new addresses for ListBaby, our HTML Email List Manager!

  1. To add one new user, simply click on ADD NEW in the CONTACTS dropdown menu.
  2. Now just add your new contact's info.
  3. Tags are a great tool for grouping certain contacts together. You can add as many tags to a contact as you want. When you send out an email, you have the option to send the email only to people who have a certain tag attached to their contact ☺ You may want to add tags such as "fans" or "press".
  4. Click Add this contact. That's it!
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