How to setup a campaign in ListBaby

Campaigns - Creation

Once you have your subscribers set up, you may send them email with our HTML Newsletter tool. Whether you are an advanced HTML coder or don't know any at all, you can use ListBaby to make your email stand out against the rest! Drop in images, links, or use one of our many templates. You even have the option to build yourself a beautiful email template! Totally customized by you.

So lets start creating!

1. Click on the tab CREATE located in the CAMPAIGNS drop-down menu or the link labeled "Create Campaign" on the left column:

You'll then be directed to the below page.

2. Name your campaign in the space provided and click Submit. We'll use "First Campaign" in this example.

3. This is the area where you get to select who you would like the email campaign to be sent to. You can send to Everyone on my list OR Just some people. From here, we'll get into more details on how to manage who you sent your message to.

Campaigns - Recipient selection

If you want your email to be sent to specific individuals, select JUST SOME PEOPLE.

This will direct you to the Filter Creation page. From here, we have 2 options available.

  1. you can filter your recipients based on tags that you entered for these fans
  2. Or you can filter your recipients based on their Profile info (Name, City, etc)

Let's go over Tags first

4. Select the tags radio button (which you have assigned to contacts) then click on "Add a rule"

Doing so will take you to the Tag Selection page:

5. You have two drop-down menus here to work with, as well as your tags. This section will list out all the tags you have on your contact list. By default, a tag is added to your contacts if you IMPORTED a contact list - the tag matches the name of the imported .CSV used.

The first drop-down menu describes if a contact MUST or MUST NOT have selected tags. This will allow you to include, or EXCLUDE contacts based on their tags.

The second drop-down menu allows you define if your contacts must have All or Any of the selected tags. For example: you can have both the "from: MyList.csv" and "new" tag selected. If you have All selected, then your contacts must have BOTH those tags listed in their contact information to be included on the message. If you have ANY selected, then any contacts with either of those tags will be included.

These options allow you to really fine-tune who you send a message to, based on their tags.

6. Make your selection and click the Use these tags button. Once you do, you'll be back at the Filter Creation page

You'll notice that your newly made rule is listed out now. You can always either edit the rule, or remove it by hitting the respective Edit or Remove link under the rule. You can add more rules based on tags by hitting Add a Rule again, then creating a new one based on Tags. Let's move on to Profile based rules this time.

7. After clicking on Add a Rule then selecting to make a rule based on a person's Profile, you'll be directed to this rule-making page:

Now you have three drop-down menu options.

  1. The first menu represents the different fields you can filter by, based on profile information (First Name, Last name, City, etc)
  2. The second menu is another "Must" or "Must Not" rule variable, allowing you to include or exclude based on this rule.
  3. The third menu adds more specific rules, such as "Contain" or "starts with".
  4. The Fourth field allows you to enter in text to represent the rule

So based on these rules, you can filter based on, for example:

First Name >> Must >> Contain >> Bob

Meaning, that only the recipients with a first name "Bob", or those with "Bob" in their name (Bobby for example) will receive a message. Most users will use this sort of filter to adjust messages to be sent to certain cities/states they visit on tour.

So, create your filter as needed, and select Save Rule when you have the all rules you'd like in place.

8. Finally, back on the Filter Creation Page, you have one more option to sort through.

You'll notice that when you have multiple rules in place, you can select from a new drop-down menu at the top of this page. You can choose to make sure that "Your recipients need to match:" ALL of the rules, or ANY of the rules. Basically allowing you to filters to be either all inclusive, or exclusive from each-other. Adjust according to your needs. You can always see how many of your recipients fall under your filters to the bottom left, where it shows the number of folks that will receive your message.

Once you've gotten all your filtering rules in place the way you like, click on the "Proceed with Campaign" link to the bottom right to continue on!

Campaigns - Composing and Sending

9. You should now be on the template page where you can select the theme you want to use. The links below each thumbnail allow you to preview or select your desired template.

The theme you have selected will appear in your current window where you can customize the look and write your content. We'll go with the "Banners1" template in this example

10. Click on any of the pencil icons to edit that area of your email.

11. When you click in the first area, a window will open where you can easily upload your image or graphic. Click the Browse button to navigate to the image on your computer. Click Upload Image! And that's it!

Once your image is uploaded, it will replace the default image in the template.

12. Click in the Band Name area and a window will open where all you have to do is type in your band name and click save. Pretty easy !

13. Clicking in the last area is where you will compose you email. You have unlimited customization power here. Upload pictures. Use the html area to really get fancy, if that's what you like to do. Have fun !

14. At the bottom of the page, there are 2 links Preview it. and Send a Test.. Click Preview it. to preview your work and "Send a Test." to send a test to the email you specified in your account [Settings].

15. With each click of a button, you will be stepped through the process.

16.You will receive an email where you are able to click on links to edit your campaign or schedule when you want it to be sent.

NOTE Give Listbaby a bit of time to send you a test message and confirmation Email - you should receive 2 Emails. They aren't sent out INSTANTLY, so give them 10-15 minutes to arrive at your test address.

2nd NOTE - You HAVE to confirm via the confirmation Email you get sent in order to be allowed to schedule your campaign to be sent. If you don't get a confirmation Email along with your test message - resend your test message to yourself.

3rd NOTE - Be sure you're LOGGED INTO ListBaby when you click on the confirmation link!

17.If everything looks great and you are ready to confirm, you will be brought to the following page.

From here, you can either send the message as soon as possible (Send Now), or you can schedule your message to be sent at a later time/date.

18. Click the appropriate "send" button depending on how your sending your message.

Once you schedule a campaign, you'll get one last opportunity to CANCEL it if you made a mistake. If you wait too long, and the message starts getting sent, Listbaby will let you know. Typically, even if you set your message to "Send Now", there's a 5-10 minute delay before Listbaby starts kicking out your newsletters.

19. Once you have created campaigns, you can click on CAMPAIGNS in the menu to see, or copy any of your previously sent campaigns.

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