What is FTP?

Short for File Transfer Protocol; FTP is the most common way of sending and receiving files between two computers. So for our intents and purposes, FTP is the way you get your files from your computer (which can't be accessed by the general public on the Internet) to our servers (which can be accessed by the public.)

Let's say you want to get some water from a well out back, and bring it into the house for your party guests. In this example, the well is your computer, the water is your files, the house is the internet, and your guests are the general population. So what is FTP? FTP is the bucket. :)

Why do I have to FTP?

The basic premise is pretty simple. You don't want the entire Internet having access to your personal computer. First, that would invade your privacy, and second, your little computer, no matter how much of a rockstar it is, could definitely not handle all that activity. AND you'd be paying a heckuvvalot to your ISP for all that traffic. So that's what web hosts like HostBaby are for. We have gigantic servers and big fat internet tubes that don't get clogged.

So, moving your files from your personal computer to our servers means that your personal computer can keep its day job and your web surfers will have safe and speedy access to your website!

How do I FTP?

The easiest way to FTP is with a Graphical Interface FTP application. Basically, you type in your FTP address, username and password (we give you that when you sign up) and connect. The FTP application then pops up a screen that shows you a split-screen window.

In general, the left-hand screen is a window to YOUR computer. The right-hand screen is a window to OUR server.

Then, all you have to do is find the files on your local computer, and then drag and drop them across onto the Web Server. The FTP application then uploads the files while you watch videos on YouTube or click 'ignore' on everyone from high school that just found you on Facebook.

What FTP applications should I use?

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