ListBaby Contact Form Setup

Creating Your Sign-Up Form

Note: For our customers using the ATS Site Builder, this form is premade for you in the widgets section!

It's SUPER easy to add a subscribe form to your site and you don't have to worry about doing the work to integrate it. AND you can customize your own sign-up form to put anywhere on your site. Below is an example of a simple sign-up form requesting the users email address:

1. Log in to your Listbaby account and click on SIGN-UP WIDGET located to the top-right of Listbaby.

2. The below window will open where you just fill in the blanks to create your signup form. When you are finished, click the SAVE CHANGES button.


3. Once you have saved the info you entered, the code will be created for your form and will appear in a box. Now just select all the code and paste it wherever you want your signup form to appear on your site. Now wasn't that cool AND easy : )

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