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The most common question we get here in support is, "How do I get my site listed on search engines?"

It takes time for new websites to be discovered and indexed on search engines. If you do nothing, it can take 4-8 weeks before they appear. Just like with any type of marketing or self-promotion, you really have to be invested in yourself and spend some time and do some footwork before you get indexed. Here are a few resources regarding search engine submission;

Here are some search engine submission tips: 

Also, here are some links where you can submit your site to be added to various search engines:
-Add your site to Google: 

-Add your site to Yahoo: 

-Add your site to BING! (MSN Formerly Live Search): 

-Add your site to DMOZ: 

Really - ignore anything about meta tags and keywords - to be honest, meta tags and keywords really have very little relevance anymore. The part of your site that carries the most relevance with search engines is the body text. Here are a couple links explaining why and what meta tags might still be useful:
-META Keywords Tag Falls By The Wayside 

-The Blogger’s Guide to Meta Tags 

-Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking (from Google itself)
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