How do I increase my Search Engine Rank?

Now that your site is up, here's some information on promoting your site in search engines:

Getting listed isn't all that's needed. There are several ways to increase your search engine ranking.

First and foremost:

Go to sites like and type in key words that you would like to be returned under. For example, pretend you want to be returned under greek music

So type that in at and you'll see quite a few pages come up. Nearly 10,000,000.

You should only concern yourself with the first 20 or so.

First, take a look at what they're doing. What kind of text do they have on their homepage? Is it peppered with keywords? Can you emulate it to some degree?

Second, where reasonable, contact them. Say hey! I'm in the same biz you are, and we should link to one another and support each other! Ask them to link to you WITH the keywords that you want to be returned under. Example, ask them to link to you as "Your Name - Greek Music" - They won't always do it, but it's worth a shot.

Search engines work in 3 ways.

  • A) Relevance
  • B) Popularity
  • C) Rank

In this scenario - A + B = C -- your relevance and popularity combined determine your rank on the search engine.

Relevance is determined by a combination of the text on your page, *sometimes* keywords, and how many people link to you with that same text.

Popularity is determined by how many people actually click on those links to go to your site once they find them.

Rank is where you are in the search engine... best rank is to come up first or at least in on the first page. Worst rank is to be somewhere back there towards the end of 9,990,000 other results returned when folks type in 'greek music'

Best thing to do is just invest some time and energy in yourself - brew yourself a pot of coffee or tea - and give yourself a good solid bulk of time to invest.

And remember - the more specific your keywords are, the better. EVERYONE wants to be returned under music. But not everyone wants to be returned under Appalachian Folk. You don't want everyone in the world to come to your site. Just the ones that are actually going to buy something or come to a show. Wink So be specific, because the folks who mean business will be as well! And you stand a much better chance at being returned first under specific keywords than you do keywords that people use en masse.

Another way of increasing your Search Engine rank, is to just become more popular! While having a website with us is awesome, you shouldn't stop there. There are all kinds of social networking resources available to not only get yourself more exposed, but to also make your site ranked higher. The more people that visit you, higher your rank goes.

  1. Facebook is one of the more popular social networks out there. Make a profile for yourself, as an artist, and accrue some fans!
  2. MySpace is definitely still around, and used by a lot of artists. It's free, so there's no reason not to make some artist friends, and show off some of your music.
  3. Twitter is quickly growing as one of the largest social networks there are. This one is great for little notes and messages for followers. It's easy to set up, easy to use, it's free, and it's more web exposure
  4. YouTube isn't a social network, so much as a video site. But, if you have any music videos, or live performances on hand; definitely consider putting some of your work on YouTube. You never know who might discover you.
  5. We have a GREAT Podcast, hosted by our very own Chris Bolton, that discusses making yourself known on the interwebs as an artist. That, and Chris is the host. That makes this an immediate "Must listen".
  6. BLOG BLOG BLOG! Blogging is a GREAT way to connect with your fans! If you don't have a blog yet.. get one!
  7. You get people to stumble upon your site! This is a pretty nifty tool that's becoming more popular these days. You might get a few new fans discovering you this way.
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