How to setup the Audio Player Widget

HostBaby provides an audio player widget that will show up on every page. This is a great way to showcase your newest work!

To setup a new audio player widget, start by logging in to your dashboard for your website.

From there, click on the button to the left that says, "Widgets".

Next, Drag the box that says "Audio Player", from the left to the box on the right.

Note: The name of the box to the right in our example is "Footer". Some themes may say other things, such as right side bar, or left side bar, depending on the theme.

Once done, it will look like the below image. Click in the box there, and give it a title. Most people will pick something simple, such as "Listen" or "Music".

Once you decide on a name, click "Edit playlist" to start picking music to be on your new player. On the new screen that will appear, you will see all of the tracks you have available on an audio page in the left hand side. To make those tracks playable, you will need to check the box next to each track. Once you have all the boxes selected that you would like, click "Add Selected", as indicated below.

You will know you have completed this step correctly, when the tracks appear in the box to the right as shown below. When you are done, click "Save Playlist".

When you click on "Save Playlist" you will be taken back to the widgets page. From here, click "Save", on the widget, as indicated below.

If done correctly, when you view your site, you will now see a new audio player that will look something like this one!



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