Add an Email Address

Your HostBaby Hosting service includes unlimited email accounts. Lets create a new email account to show you how its done.

Start by logging into your website dashboard. From here, click "Settings".

Next, click on "Email Settings".

Next, click on "Create New Email Account".


Next, fill in the prompts with the required information. Email account username is what you want the email address to be. In our case, we setup Yours would say @yourdomain not ours though.

Place the username for the email in the box indicated with the RED arrow.

In the Password box, type in your password as indicated by the GREEN arrow.

In the Password Again box, type in the SAME password as you did in the previous step, as indicated by the PURPLE arrow.

Finally, when you have everything the way you want it, click the "Add User" button, as indicated by the BLUE arrow.

If you set everything up right, you will see the new account listed on the next page, as shown below.

That's it! you created a new email account. Now you just need to login and check your mail! To do this, you will need to go back to your dashboard. From there, in the top navigation bar, there is a link that says "Email". Click that, and you will be prompted for your email login.

You can also access it from

Note: Make sure you replace the "" with your actual domain.


You can add as many email addresses in your account as you like, we impose no limits.

Can't add a new address?

You will NOT be able to add an email address if you have already set it up as a Alias or Forward. You will need to go to "Manage Email Forwards / Aliases" and delete the address and re-create it as a regular email address.You can add as many email addresses in your account as you like!

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