How to connect with FTP on FileZilla

There are many FTP Clients out there. Some work better than others, and we all have our preferences. For the purposes of this article, we will be using FileZilla's FTP client. With regards to the hosting platform, we see the best results from users running this client. To download the latest version of FileZilla, click here.

FileZilla uses 2 different methods to connect. Quick Connect, and Site Manager.

Quick Connect - Unsupported on our platform. Quick Connect uses TLS security, which our platform does not currently support. Please use the Site Manager.

Site Manager - The site manager provides an easy location to save the FTP Credentials for each site you use. See below for an example:

NOTE: Due to the way most "Active" FTP Connections work, we do not allow their use on our services. This type of connection tends to trip our DDoS protection system, due to the number of requests per minute that the client sends out. So for the purposes of security, clients that use this type of application, such as Adobe DreamWeaver, Cyber Duck, and a few others, will not work on our service.

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