Site "Not Secure" in Chrome

Due to the way you have to login to the dashboard on your site with us, you may see a message in your browser that says your site is "Not Secure". The message will look something like this:

This is what happens when the new version of Google Chrome tries to detect the security we run on our servers. Have no fear, the servers are quite secure. The only problem is that Google Chrome can't see it. (Maybe it needs glasses?) The security is still running, and works well, but the newest version of Google Chrome can't see it. There is nothing you need to do regarding this message either. Just ignore it, as in later updates, it will eventually be resolved.

In other cases, you may see a message that looks like this:

This message means that you used the wrong prefix with your URL to get to your site. For example:

The only difference is in the very beginning of the link. "http://" indicates that no SSL certificate is installed on this server, and to access the site normally. If you navigated to the link, the site will pull up, and all is well.

However, if you were to put in "https://" that tells your browser to look for the SSL certificate that should be installed. However most sites do not have an SSL installed, since it is mostly unneeded for most users. So if you try and access a non-SSL enabled site, with a link that specifically says to use SSL, you will get a security error because it cannot find the certificate. This generates the above error. To resolve this, just enter your link, as normal, but with "http://" and not "https://", and your link will work perfectly.

As always, security is always a top concern. If you feel that you have any further questions regarding this issue, please feel free to reach out to our support staff, who would be happy to address your concerns.

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