Export Contacts From ListBaby

This is the section of Listbaby where you can manage your contacts, as well as set up individual tags for your users for organizational purposes. If you haven't checked it out already - look over our tips on importing/adding contacts either From a contact list or One at a time by hand

Contact pages look a bit like this.

You clicking on either the "Email", "First Name" or "Last Name" headers will order them based on those respective columns in alphabetical order. From here, you can always add more contacts by hitting either the "Import Contacts" list to import a .csv, or "Add new" to add new entries individually.

You can also edit individual entries here with more specific details as needed. Click on the "Edit" link next to any of the contacts you have to open up more info-fields to work with:

From here, you can manually add in location information, add/remove tags (which we'll discuss a bit further down this document), or even DELETE contacts if they're not needed anymore.

The "Active?" checkbox allows you to basically deactivate Email accounts on your list. If it's unchecked, that will allow you to keep the contact in your contact list, but will exclude them from any newsletters, regardless if they match your recipient rules list.


Tags are basically extra notes you can have within your contacts list to organize / filter by when sending out new campaigns.

There are two ways you can assign Tags.

  1. You can either add them in manually per contact
  2. Or you can bulk tag multiple contacts within the contact page.

To add them individually, simply type in the name of the tag you'd like in the "Add a New Tag" Field, and click on "Tag it!" to save it.

BY DEFAULT if you imported a list of contacts from a .csv, a tag will be added to those contacts, based on the name of the .csv (from: MyList.csv in this screenshot example)

To add Tags to several people at once - first select the users you want to tag in your list, then add the tag to the "bulk tagging" section at the bottom.

Hit "Tag Selected" to tag the selected users with your new Tag.

You can always look back into individual contacts to make sure your tags were applied correctly.

Export Contact List

Sometimes, you'll need to either back-up or take your contact list to a different service. No problem - we provide you with a super-easy way of exporting your contact list.

Simply view your contact list (by hitting "Contacts"). At the bottom of your list, typically under the bulk-tagging field, is a link to export your contact list.

Hit that link, and you'll be taken to the following page.

Click on the Export File link here to save a local .csv copy of your contact list!

Bounced Contacts

In order to make managing your Contact List easier, we've set up a section within "Contacts" to show you Email addresses that Bounced - giving you an idea of how valid an Email address in your list may be.

To see your bounced contacts, simply roll your mouse over Contacts and select BOUNCED CONTACTS

Once you've selected this option, you'll be shown a Bounced Contact list, with how many times each address has been bounced.


From here, you can either leave them alone, or you can click on EDIT to modify the Email address, deactivate the contact, or even flat out delete it.

This makes cleaning up your list a snap!

NOTE - Contacts will only show up in this section, if they've bounced at least 3 times. We designed the bounced contacts section this way to avoid removing false-positive bounces from your contact list (if someone had a full mailbox or something to that effect).

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