SPAM Assassin

You can login to the SpamAssassin settings page explained on this page by going to: or click "Edit SpamAssassin Settings" from your webmail login or Email Admin page. Login with the same username & password you use to check your mail.

Here you can allow (whitelist) or deny (blacklist) specific emails, or email domains. Editing this section can be very powerful in eliminating spam. It forces SpamAssassin to treat mails from certain senders as never spam or always spam. It comes in handy if you get any false positives or wish to stop seeing emails from a certain sender.

Personal Allow/Deny Addresses List

This area shows you which addresses are currently blacklisted or whitelisted. Setting up what shows in this section is covered below.


Add New Address

Address: This field is where you type the email ( or entire domain ( that you want to whitelist or blacklist.

Type: Whitelist means you will always receive the sender's email, blacklist means it will always be treated as spam.

Priority: The priority specifies in what order the email is checked against your list.

Example: if you want to allow one person from aol to mail you and block everyone else you would use two rules. The higher priority one set to whitelist and a lower priority one set to blacklist The server will match the specific higher priority address first and end the search. Addresses that are whitelisted for the whole company appear above with the lowest priorities.. your settings can always override the global ones.

Clicking the "Whitelist Everyone In Your Address Book" link will whitelist everyone in your HostBaby Webmail address book. It does NOT grab addresses from your computer, or your email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Macmail, etc.


Quarantine Settings

The quarantine settings are for emails that never make it to your email account due to malicious code or a very high spam score. These messages are not delivered but instead filed into a Quarantine area that you can inspect if you need to. This settings specifies how long those emails will stay in the quarantine before being delete forever.

To view the quarantine, you can click the link labeled View Quarantine.


Message Scoring Policy

This is the current set message scoring policy. The message scoring policy determines when an email is either tagged as *SPAM* or Quarantined. There are a number of set policies already ready to be activated by clicking the values shown by default (i.e. Trigger Happy vs Permissive), but you can also create your own.

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