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How to implement and automatically update the News page on your website.

The Problem:

Keeping consistently in touch with your fans or friends can be a hassle if you're either away from your home computer or relying on an outside source to do your updating.

If your web designer is on vacation, you don't want to have to wait a week to let your audience know that your new CD is available. And if you're on the road you don't want to have to wait until you return home to let your fans know how it's going.

The Solution:

It's always good to have a place to interact with your audience or friends about things that are happening with you or your band. With the News function on, you can simply log into your account from any computer anywhere and drop a news, blog or journal update to your audience. On the road, at your house or on your lunchbreak, all you have to do is log in, type it up, press submit and HostBaby's News application will update your website on the fly.


How to Do This Tutorial

Do a [CTRL]-N (or Command-N on Mac) to open a new web browser window. Point that window to (replacing with your actual domain) - leaving THIS window where it is. Flip back and forth between the two. Read things in this browser-window. Try them in another browser-window.


Log in to /hostbaby

To log in to your special Hostbaby features, you always have to LOG IN to

The username and password are the ones we gave you when you first signed up - unless you've changed them or added a new user yourself.

If you forget your password you can click the "email it to you" link - and it will email the email address we have on file for you.

Click news

Once you're logged in, you should see the YOUR STUFF box as shown here.

Click the news link.

Write something

Before I show you how to show your audience your news, we'll have to make sure there's something there to be seen. When you click on the news link, the first thing you should see is the "Add a News Entry" box (pictured here.)

Simply type in the text as you wish it to appear on your News/Blog/Journal page and press the ADD NEWS button.

Play around

THAT'S IT! That's all you had to do. That entry is in your database now, and you can edit it any time you wish. Your new News entries are automatically displayed beneath the "Add a News Entry" text box as confirmation that they were published.

Next I'll show you how to put in on your website, but for now, play around here a bit. Add more news. Edit/change entries by clicking on the "Edit" link. You can delete anything you do by clicking on the "delete" link, so feel free to put in joke/test entries.

Once you're used to it, then move on to the next step.

Edit existing news.html

When we created your account at Hostbaby, we made a file called news.html that has everything you need to display your news entries.

There are two ways to implement the News function on your website. The first way is to simply edit the existing news.html that is already on your server.

Alternately, you can display your News entries on any other page of .html that you have on your site by simply cutting and pasting 2 lines of code as follows:

Put this line at the top of your HTML page:

<? require "hostbaby"; ?>

Then put this where you want your news to appear:

<? show_news(); ?>

If you'd like to use the news.html that we created for you on your web server, simply FTP download it from the webserver down to your hard drive, so you can make changes to it.

If you don't know how to download a file from your webserver to your hard drive, contact for special help or see our FTP tutorial. FTP uploading and downloading are the VERY basics of making your website, so you should learn that before making a concert calendar or anything else.

See the next tutorial for info on how to change the Look & Feel of your news page.


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