General Campaign info

How to see Campaigns

Those that choose to use ListBaby typically use it quite frequently! It can be a challenge to keep track of all the messages you send - so we try to make campaign management as easy as possible.

First off, to see all the campaigns you've sent over time, or to see any active/incomplete campaigns you have, Click on "CAMPAIGNS" at the top of ListBaby, or click on the "CAMPAIGNS" list to the left.

Clicking on "CREATE" under the Campaigns submenu will allow you to Create a new campaign. Clicking on "Most Recent" will bring up the last Campaign you have been editing.

In any case, a general campaign page will look something like this:

Clicking on "Work on it!" next to any of those active campaigns will allow you to modify those campaigns, and eventually send them out if you like.

Each completed Campaign will allow you to either see the recipient statistics (how many received, bounced, etc), or allow you to COPY the campaign for other uses.

For the article that explains stats, click here.

For the article that explains campaign copy, click here.

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