Campaign Stats

Clicking on the "Stats" links next to a completed campaign will bring up a pie chart that lays out how your message was received:

Those stats can be represented as any of the following:

Sending: Messages that are on their way to the final recipient.

Sent: The ListBaby server successfully sent the message.

Delivered: Messages that have been delivered to the recipient's mailbox. They may have been opened if the recipient has image loading disabled (Not all clients support this)

Opened: Messages that have been read by the recipient in a full (images-enabled) client; Not all clients support this.

Bounced: Messages that will not be delivered; most likely due to an improper address, full mailbox, or other error with the receiving mailbox.

NOTE: If a contact bounces 5 times in a row, they are removed from the list.

Other: Messages that most likely did not send due to other circumstances.

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