Free MP3 for Signup

It's pretty common for folks to offer a free song or some sort of free download for signing up to a mailing list. With ListBaby, you can offer the same thing!

There are basically 3 steps involved with making this happen.

  1. Upload the song to something you can link to (Media Library for ATS users, or into their web space for Developer accounts).
  2. Grab the URL to the file you want to link to.
  3. Then embed a link to that file in your "Thank You" message.

Let's get started!

**NOTE: If you are attempting to upload an MP3 or other file that is recognized as web compatible (Such as an image!) You will need to place them inside a .zip folder. This is to prevent the web browsers automatic response, which is to open the file, not download it. We recommend doing this on your computer before uploading it to the site. It CAN be done from the site builder, but is much easier from your computer.

Here is a wiki how-to article on how to do this:

Upload song

How you do this really depends on the hosting package you have with us.

Wizard Users

You'll want to upload the file you want to share in your File Bank.

ATS Users

Your best bet is to upload the song to your File Library.

Developer Accounts

User your FTP client of choice to upload your file to your webspace. Where you do this is kind of up to you, so long as you can find it again!


This process is much easier if you give the file a simple name - something easy to remember!


Grab URL to the File

How that the song is uploaded and online, you now need to get the URL to the file itself!

Wizard Users

Once your file is in the File Bank - simply click on the file name itself. This will take you to a page that gives you more details about the file - look for the "File URL". You'll want to grab this, as you'll need it for the last step!

ATS Users

This is a little trickier to get a hold of. The path to your file here will generally be:

Replace with your domain name, and FILENAME with the name of the file. Keep in mind that this is CASE SENSITIVE - so keep that in mind!

Developer Accounts

This should be pretty obvious for you if you're on a developer account - just keep in mind you don't need to include the "web" folder in the URL path.

Create your Link

Now let's set up this link! You'll first want to get logged into ListBaby, and first:

  1. Hit Settings
  2. Then hit Thank You Email
  3. Once here, be sure to check off where it says "Send a thank you message when a new contact confirms their membership to your list"

Next, you'll want to compose your message, then select/highlight the text you'd like to make into a link. Once selected, hit the 3-link-chain icon which allows you to edit/create links.


On the pop up menu that appears, put in your file url into the box that says, "Link URL". Change Target to "Open in New Window (_blank)". This allows the user to stay on your page, but have the download start in another window so the user doesn't leave your site.


In the Link URL field, insert the URL you got for your file from previous steps.

Finally - insert the link, and save your changes!

And that's it! Now, when new users confirm membership to your mailing list, they'll get sent a copy of your "Thank You" Email, which now has a link to your song you wanted to share. Enjoy!

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