ListBaby Personalizations

Hello {name} !

With ListBaby, you can send personalized campaigns to your recipients - this will pull the recipient's name, city, state, etc from your contact list, and plop it right into your message. There are a few terms you can pull from your contact list to personalize these campaigns:

  1. {name} -- inserts the recipient's first name in the message
  2. {city} -- inserts the recipient's city
  3. {state} -- inserts the recipient's state
  4. {email} -- inserts the recipient's email

Things to consider

  • Personalizing messages this way is only useful if you actually have that information handy on your contact sheet. Location information isn't required to submit an address to ListBaby, so {city} and {state} may not be as handy in those situations!
  • Your test message will fill in those fields with [name here], [city here], etc.
  • But your campaign will fill in those fields with the appropriate information (if it's available!).
  • If the information is missing, then that section will simply be blanked out (no [city here] will appear to confuse folks)
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