Blog Preview


What is the blog preview?

The Hostbaby Wizard now allows you more control how the summary of each blog post shows on the main blog page! This article explains how the new the blog preview field works and outlines the 3 different ways you can display your blog entry previews on the initial blog page.

The Blog Preview field

The Blog Preview field is located directly below the Blog Entry field. You can treat this like any other content field within the wizard; you can insert images, embed media, etc.


Ways of using this field

You have 3 major options on how to treat this field.

Option #1 Leave it blank

If you leave the Blog preview entry blank, the wizard will automatically make a preview for you. There are a couple rules about what will be displayed:

  • The first 1000 unformatted characters in your blog will appear
  • And the first image you have embedded in your blog post will appear as a thumbnail

The results would look a little like this:


Option #2 Create a custom preview.

Sometimes, the first paragraph says it all. You can copy some of your blog entry into the blog preview field, and that will show up as your blog preview OR you can write your own unique summary and even add pictures. Using our example entry, if we just paste the first paragraph into the blog preview field, we get the following result:


Option #3 Make the Preview your blog post

Perhaps you would rather have your whole blog entry show up on the front page of your blog. Simply copy your whole blog post into the preview. Make sure it is also in the blog entry in case they click through.


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