Use Your Wizard site to Post on Facebook

The Facebook Integration Feature lets you update your Facebook Profile page with your latest blog entries! It's a pretty darn cool feature that makes sharing your latest blog posts that much easier. Here are the steps to turn take advantage of this feature.

How to Activate Facebook Integration

The first step is to activate the feature. To do so, you'll need to:

  1. Log into the wizard
  2. Click Settings in the upper right
  3. Scroll down until you see the settings for Social Network Integration


  4. Click turn it on. You'll notice the "turn it on" link will change to "turn it off":


  5. Click Authorize and a window will appear that looks like this


  6. Click "Connect"
  7. You will see the standard Facebook login page:


  8. Enter in your Facebook account email address, and password.
  9. Click Login
  10. On the following page click Allow to confirm that you want to allow posting on your Facebook page from your blog. You should see the following message:


Congratulations, your HostBaby Blog should now allow you to Push" blog posts to your Facebook Profile Page


How to Push a Blog post to Facebook

Now that the feature has been activated you may now push blog posts to your Facebook page.

First, write and publish your blog entry. In the wizard you'll notice a new icon appearing next to your blog posts:

To push your blog entry, click on the wave symbol (highlighted in the image above).

The yellow icon will change into a green check:

You should be able to log into Facebook and see the updated blog entry:

There are a couple things to consider before posting a blog post on Facebook:

  • You can only push blog entries that have been published on your site. Draft entries cannot be pushed.
  • There is a 350 character limit on this push. If you blog entry is larger than that, the first 350 characters will be shown as your Facebook posting. However, a link will automatically included which links DIRECTLY back to your blog entry.
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