Campaign Email Delivery Issues

ListBaby is our email campaign manager. As such, it acts as a relay, from whatever email you provide it, to send out professional email campaigns to all of your subscribed followers.

I'm not getting my test campaign emails!

When you use a email address at a domain name NOT hosted with us (such as AOL, Yahoo, Apple, Gmail, etc.), you may get blocked by your email provider as a spam sender. Consumer email accounts do not have the programming to be able to tell the difference between a legitimate spam sender and a mailing list. This is where business class email accounts can be helpful. If you are running a business class email account with another provider, all you need to do to fix this, is have them white-list our ListBaby server IP addresses:


These are our two email servers that ListBaby sends all campaigns from. If these are approved senders on your email providers configuration, you should always get the messages.

The easiest solution to avoid this issue, is to use an email address we host for you. If you have not yet created an email address on your HostBaby account, you can set one up in the Email Admin. Email addresses are included at no additional cost with your existing HostBaby service.

My fans say they're not getting my campaign emails!

This can happen from time to time. Sometimes people may forget that they signed up for a list, or just decide they don't want to receive your emails anymore, and they may flag your campaign email as spam. If this happens often enough the email provider, (AOL, Yahoo, Apple, Gmail, etc.) may block your campaign emails. If this happens though, your fans can usually make sure your emails get to their inbox by adding the email address you're sending emails from to their address book. Most email providers use the address book to white-list incoming emails from their spam filters.

How can I tell an email provider that my emails aren't spam?

The easiest way to check if your emails might be getting blocked on a specific provider is to look at the Sent report for the campaign. If a large number of emails sent to addresses are being bounced, then you are probably being blocked on Hotmail for example. If some were delivered, but others bounced, and they are all using the same email provider (AOL, Yahoo, Apple, Gmail, etc.) then you are probably not blocked but the email just didn't get delivered. This can happen for a number of reasons including the email address no longer being active or their inbox being full, or something similar.

If your domain ends up getting blocked, you will need to contact the email provider. When talking with their support, ensure they are not blocking the these two IP addresses:


Typically the various email providers will respond faster to a customer than to the company that is getting blocked. Why? Because you are a customer, and you are the direct end user of their services, and you own the domain name being blocked. In our experience, if we submit requests to have a domain unblocked it may appear like a spammer trying to get unblocked because we don't own your domain name & are just a service provider. When you put in the request yourself, we typically see a much faster turn around; Days, vs Weeks.

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