Campaign Stats

Message Statuses

ListBaby campaign stats report several different statuses depending on where in the process of being sent they are.

  • SENT: Your campaign emails are queued to be sent out from our email servers. Emails in this status have not yet been sent out to your campaign receipts but will be sent soon.

  • DELIVERED: Your campaign emails that we have received notification of successful delivery to the recipient email server. It is generally safe to assume emails reported as Delivered have made it to your recipient.

  • OPENED: Your campaign emails that have been opened by the recipient in an email client that loads the images in the message. We use a "Powered by ListBaby" image in your campaign's footer to identify if an email was opened. If that image loads, it notifies us the message was opened. Not all recipients will have email clients configured to open images and this means it will not report back with an opened status.

  • BOUNCED: Your campaign emails that could not be delivered due to the recipient email address no longer being valid, the mailbox being full, the email server being offline, or for any other reason.

  • OTHER - Campaign emails that could not be sent due an internal server error. If there are a large number of these, please contact Support for assistance.
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