Add an Email Address

Your HostBaby Hosting service includes email service, and setting up a new email address just takes a few clicks!

Start by logging into your website dashboard. From here, click "Settings".

Next, click on "Email Settings".

Next, click on "Add New Email Address".


Next, select which type of account you want this to be: A forward account, or a normal mailbox account, and fill in the prompts with the required information.


  • Forward Account: Does not save any messages, and forwards any email received to one or more email address. (See Add an Email Forward)

  • New Mailbox: Functions as a normal email account. You will be able to login and check messages for this account. If you do not know which one you need, most likely this is it.

  • Address: What you want to have before [Address], for example our support team is [hostbaby] so we would put hostbaby in for our address.

  • Password: The password you want to use to login to your new email account. This should be unique and not be the same as your HostBaby password.

When you get everything entered, click the button that says "Create a New Mailbox", as shown below:


When you are done, it will bring you back to the email administration menu, where you can add additional accounts, and show your newly created mail account.

That's it! you created a new email account - Now you can login to check & send mail!

You can access your webmail from, either or http://[]/webmail


Common Problems:

  • Can't add a new address?

    You will NOT be able to add an email address if you have already set it up as a Alias or Forward. You will need edit the email address that has the alias or forward you would like to use, then delete the alias or forward. You will then be able to re-create it as a regular email address. You can add as many email addresses in your account as you like!
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