Add an Email Forward

Email Forward accounts can be very helpful, especially if you want to keep your personal email address private. Sometimes people will use this type of account for when many people need to get the same copy of every email sent to that address. This type of mailbox does not keep any emails for you, it simply receives email and sends it along to another email address.

As an Example:

You have 4 band members. You all help talk with your fans. You want everyone to get emails from your contact form on your website. You setup an account for as a forward account. Then you put each band member's email address as a recipient on the setup for it.

Now when a fan emails "" each band member gets a copy of the email sent to their inbox, but no copy is stored on the server.


Setup A Mail Forward Account:

Start by logging into your Dashboard, then click Email Settings, Just like we did to setup a mail account in the previous steps.

The difference is when we go to enter information about the account, we need to tell it that we want a forward account this time, see below:


That's it! You added a forward account. Once you have clicked "Create Forward" you will be directed back to the email administration page, which will show your new forward account.

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