Advanced Mailbox Options

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Email Alias:

Sometimes, you want to be able to have one inbox act like several different ones. For example, You want to have, but you also need, as well as

But lets be honest, you don't have 3 people checking each of those inboxes, so why not have them all come to the same place? That's what email aliasing is for.

Start by making a mailbox. Fill out your username and password.


When you are done, click on "Add/Edit Aliases" to expand the section. Type in the first email address you want as an alias for this mailbox. Click the "Add" button to add the alias! You can add as many aliases as you want, just add them one at a time, clicking the "Add" button for each one. You can also remove aliases at any time by clicking the orange "-" button next to the alias.

NOTE: Aliases can only be created for addresses (Replacing that with your actual domain).

Once you are done, click "Create a New Mailbox" and you are done! Any mail sent to the address(es) you added as an alias will now be received in the main account you set up at the beginning!


Vacation Message/Auto-Responder:

When setting up an account, you have the option of setting up a vacation message or auto-responder. These are useful tools for when you will be out of town, but do not want your fans to just think you are ignoring their emails. Providing a simple message stating that you are out of town and will reply to their message when you get back can save a lot of frustration.

When setting up a new account, after inputting all of the email credentials as shown below, click "Edit/Setup Auto-response Messages" to expand the advanced auto-response options.



Start by checking the box labled "Set Auto-Responder", as indicated by the red arrow.

Next, type a message you want to be sent to anyone who emails this account, into the field indicated by the green arrow.

Next, select a the last day you want this message to be sent to people, as indicated by the Blue arrow. Note, if you click the calendar icon at the right end of the prompt, it will pop up a calendar to allow you to more easily pick dates.

When finished, click "Create a New Mailbox" and you are done!


Email Forwards:

Sometimes, you will want to have 1 email account that allow several people to get the messages sent to them. This is where forwards come into play. For example, if we had, and we want and to both get the message, we can add them as forwarded addresses.

When setting up a new account, after inputting all of the email credentials as shown below, click "Edit/Add Forwards" to expand the advanced email forward options.


Simply add each email address that you would like to be forwarded a copy of each message sent to this account by typing in the email address and clicking the "Add" button. Email addresses can be added one at a time, and you can remove forwards anytime by clicking on the orange "-" button next to the address you have added. Be sure to check the box "Save a copy of all forwarded messages" if you would like a copy of the forwarded messages saved in the main inbox!

When done, click "Create a New Mailbox" to finish the setup. That's it! Each person you put in the forward box will now get a copy of that message.

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