Podcasting with WordPress

Podcasting is awesome, but it also takes a lot of work and troubleshooting to manage your own podcast and blog - And sometimes it means you're up at 12 am trying to figure out why the plugin you just installed broke your feed, but If you're willing to put in the work, it can be great fun.

As an example, CD Baby's DIY Musician Podcast is run through a WordPress site with the help of third party plugins.

The Basics

To get started with using WordPress for your podcast, you of course first need WordPress installed. If you have a Full Developer account with us, then you're welcome to do this yourself if you'd like, otherwise submit a request & we can get it installed for you.

Once you have a WordPress site up and running, we recommend next checking out the WordPress guide to podcasting. This article is kept up to date by the WordPress developers and is an excellent resource for keeping up on the best plugins & practices for using WordPress for your podcast successfully.

Additionally, another great overall resource are the official WordPress forums.

(Note: Keep in mind, managing and troubleshooting your WordPress installation & the use of third party plugins is primarily your responsibility. We unfortunately are not WordPress developers ourselves, and HostBaby Support cannot provide technical support for WordPress related issues.)

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