Backing up / Archiving your email

If you are preparing to close your HostBaby account, you may wish to archive your email from our system. This article will explain the easiest way to do that.

First, you'll want to download and install an email program on your computer. We recommend Mozilla Thunderbird (available for Windows and Mac). Install the program on your computer and then create a new account. Click on "Skip this and use my existing email". 

Fill in your name, your email address and your email password and Continue.


Click on Manual Config and under "incoming" change from IMAP to POP. This step is important as that is what will cause the program to actually download your messages from our server to your computer. 

Change the server hostname to

Change the username to your full email address

Change the Authentication to "Normal password"

Change both of the SSL settings to SSL/TLS, then click on Done. 


The program may hang for a moment while it verifies your password. Once it is done, it will start downloading all of your messages. Once it is done, you are done; you now have all of your archived email on your computer. 

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