HostBaby Email Upgrade FAQ

Q: Why are you changing your email?

A: We know how important your email is to you, so to give you the best possible performance and security, we’re upgrading our email service. We’ll do everything we can to make the process as simple and seamless as possible.

Our new email is faster, more secure, has much better spam control, and should, overall, just work better.


Q: When is email changing?

A: The switch-over already happened on October 3rd, 2017 at 7 PM PDT / 10 PM EDT


Q: What do I need to change on my side of things?

A: If you use our webmail, you don’t need to do anything. The webmail link will continue to work, but it will now present you with the updated version.

If you check email using your phone or desktop email program (recommended), you may need to update your settings.

  • Incoming/Outgoing Email Server:
  • Username: your full email address (e.g.,
  • Password: your email password
  • SSL should be enabled on both incoming and outgoing

You can see screenshots for specific email programs by clicking here.


Q: Is the webmail changing?

A: Yes, and the new webmail interface is much more robust and modern, as well as being more secure and responsive. The new webmail is available for your convenience, however we do recommend using a desktop or mobile email client for the best possible experience.


Q: I don't like the new webmail. Can I still use the previous version?

A: After the switch-over, you'll no longer be able to access the old version of the webmail.  If the new webmail isn't your cup of tea, we recommend using an email client either on your computer or smart phone for the best experience checking email.


Q: Will I lose my email messages?

A: No. As long as your email account is active, all your messages, attachments, folders, and saved drafts will all be migrated to the new service automatically.


Additional notes about the change

We will be removing inactive accounts. By inactive, we mean any mailbox that has not been logged into in 180 days or more. To see which accounts are inactive, please login to your dashboard and visit the Email Settings page.

We will be eliminating the "catchall" option because it leads to enormous amounts of spam. Instead, we recommend setting up any new email address to act as an alias or forwarder. More on how to do that here.

We're going to start enforcing quota & sending limits. This will affect less than 0.5% of all HostBaby email accounts, and we will personally contact anyone who might potentially be affected by this change before it takes effect.

Webmail is changing unless you're already using the "new webmail" (even then, the new new webmail will have even more features). We'll have an article explaining all the new features very soon and we will link to it from here.

Backups for mistakenly deleted accounts & emails will usually be available for a few weeks after deletion. However, if your hosting account is canceled and stays canceled for 12 months, we can no longer restore your mail if you decide to come back. If you need to temporarily suspend your account, we highly recommend you download & backup your email to your computer and/or cloud storage beforehand.

Finally, we’ve updated the Terms of Service for using our email services. Please be sure to review the additional terms at your convenience:

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