Change your Password

In this article, we will go over how to change your password from the "Members" area.

To start off, log in to your "Members" area from If you do not know how, or cannot remember how to login to your members area, Click Here, for our article on how to log in.

After logging in to the Members area, you will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

The next thing you will want to do is click on the menu button that says, "Change Password".

The next screen you will be presented with will look like this:

IMPORTANT: If you have more than one domain, make sure the domain you are trying to change the password on is the one listed in the Green box. If it is not, Click the link in the Red box that says "Change for a different domain" and click the domain you DO want to change. Also, if you have just one domain name, then you will not see the link that the Red box contains.

Next, click inside the box that is labeled "Old Password", and type in the CURRENT password.

In the next box, uniquely titled, "New Password", type in whatever you want to change the password TO.

In the final box, labeled, "Retype New Password" Click in the box, and type in the same password you typed in the previous step.

Click "Submit". Your password is now changed!

NOTE: All our Passwords are case sensitive, meaning if you put capitals in the password, you will need to make sure you always type that password with the same letter(s) capitalized.

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