Check your Billing History

This article will cover how to review your Billing History for each domain you have with us on your account.

To start, first login to your HostBaby Members area. If you have any trouble logging in, please see our article on logging into your account.

Once logged in, click on the menu button on the left that says, "Billing History".

You will be presented with a screen that looks something like this: (except it will have your domains, instead of ours.)

To view the billing history of a particular domain, click on that domain, as displayed in the above example, from the similar list on your Billing History page.

Once you click on one, you will be taken to a page which will display the billing history for that particular domain.

Here is an example of what a site would look like after several payments have been made:

 We know this can be a little confusing at first, when we break it down it's actually pretty simple.

The Red box contains the "Overview". The Overview section gives you a high-level overview on what status your account is in.

  • Balance Due: The current amount you owe on this domain.
  • Username: The username for the domain you are viewing.
  • Domain Type: The type of account this domain is setup as. (Domain Account Types)
  • Monthly Fee: How much the domain costs per month to host.
    • NOTE: Does not include any domain name registration fees, those will always be a separate charge.
  • Server Name: Which of our servers your site is stored on.

The Green box contains the "History" of the account. The History section gives you a date stamped log of what status your account is in, or ever was in. If you change from an "ATS Site-Builder" account, to say an "email-only" account, it would put a date stamp on this log to show you when that happened.

The Purple Box contains the "Payments" section. This section is basically a payment log. Every time you make a payment it will put a date stamp here explaining the payment. If you make a single payment that covers multiple domains, it will list the breakdown of that payment in the "Description" column. If you see a payment that is negative, such as this one:

It usually indicates a credit was issued. In this case, it was because that customer was amazing, as the Description clearly states. All Credits will have an explanation in the "Description" column for why the credit was issued.

Note: In any billing section on this site, a negative number always means a credit on file. If your total displays as a negative number, it means you have paid more than you have due, and the credit will be used to offset any future charges.

The Blue box contains the "Charges" section. This section will list the monthly service cost, as well as the domain name registration fee's as it posts to your account.

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