How to Transfer a Domain...

The transferring process works the same way; joining our registrar, or transferring away. We'll call your current registrar "A", and your future registrar "B". Here's a step-by-step walk though of the process:

  1. Contact your current registrar "A"
  2. Check the Admin email account. Verify it is one you have access to. If not, update the admin email account to your current address.
  3. Unlock your Domain. It can't get moved otherwise
  4. Request your Authorization code for a transfer. You will need it to confirm a transfer, as the owner of the domain
  5. Contact your future Registrar "B", and let them know the domain is unlocked and ready to get moved
  6. New Registrar "B" will then request the transfer of your domain to their registrar
  7. You should receive an Email at the domain's Administrative contact (see step 2 above)
  8. The Email you receive will have a link in it sending you to a confirmation page for this transfer
  9. Click the circle "to indicate that the Registrant(s) for the domain listed"
  10. Enter the Authorization code in the field below
  11. Confirm the transfer. You will confirmation that the transfer has been submitted to your old Registrar "A"

Transfers typically take up to 7 days to complete AFTER you've confirmed the final transfer. You will be charged $12.99 (for .com and. net) and your domain will automatically be renewed for an additional year.

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