Select Theme

Our newest version of the Site Builder has some great new themes that are highly customizable.

From your Dashboard, click "Select Theme".

Here you will see a list of themes represented by a name and thumbnail image, as well as a Filter that allows you to sort through the themes we have to offer based on Layout, Color Scheme, and Customization.

  1. Current Theme: Shows your current Theme in use - You can click on the theme name to bring up details of the theme, and lists of any saved versions you may have.
  2. Layout: Allows you to filter them on general structures of the website the white line separates out content sections (banner images, navigation bar, widgets).
  3. Color: Allows you to filter themes based on major default color settings (can be changed with Theme editor, but allows you to select based on the theme's default colors.
  4. Additional Filters: Allows you to filter themes based on if they are responsive
  5. Reset All Filters: This will wipe out your filter selection, and present you with all the themes we have to offer.
  6. Available Themes: This will change based on the filters you have selected. The displayed themes are only going to contain items which meet all of the filter elements you have previously selected.

Theme Details Page

Whenever you click on the thumbnail picture or title of a theme, you'll be presented with the details concerning that theme, and an option to select that theme.

If you click on "More info", you'll get details of how that theme is defined, such as the layout, and general default colors.

Used Themes

The ATS Theme filter makes it much easier to find themes you've used before. Looking through the templates list - look out for a "Custom" banner.

If you click on one of those themes, you should see a saved version of the theme you can use for your site whenever you like:

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