Media Library: Images

The Image Library is a central place where all your uploaded images are stored. You can search or browse your existing images and upload new ones. What's really cool is, you can access images in your image library when you are using the Onsite Theme Editor as well as when you are editing a page. This allows you to easily insert your stored images while you are working on your site.

Uploading An Image

To upload an image:

1. From your DASHBOARD Click Images under Media Library.


2. In the window that appears click "Upload New Image".

3. Then click "Choose Files" to select the image from your computer.

4. Once you have selected an image, click "Upload to Server".

That's it. You've uploaded an Image!

Uploading Multiple Images

Uploading more than one file at a time is a cinch and the process is almost exactly the same. Just make sure that all the images you want to upload are in one easy to find folder on your computer.
Click the Images under Media Library.
In the window that appears click "Upload New Image".


Then click "Choose Files" to select the image from your computer.


Now choose the file your want to upload. Then click "open". If you want to upload multiple images, hold down your shift key and click to select a range of photos.


Then click "Upload to Server".

Note: uploading more than 4 or 5 images (especially if they are large) can be slow going depending on your bandwidth. If you have trouble, try uploading fewer images at once.


Using and Creating Folders

Folders are a great way to organize your Image Library. You can create separate folders for backgrounds, people pics, events, and so on. This will make editing your site easier as your image library grows. Currently, you can only upload images to folders you create in the Image Library-- you can't move images from one folder to another.


To create a folder:


Click 'Images' under Media Library.

Click 'Create Folder'.

Type in the name your want to give the folder.


Click the CREATE button.


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