Close Account/Temporary Suspension of Service

While we are sorry to see you leave, we do understand and will do our best to make the process as simple and painless as possible. That said, this article will cover how to close your HostBaby Account.

There are 2 different types of ways to close an account. A Permanent closure or a Temporary Suspension of Service.

If you are just taking a break from touring and want to put your site into hibernation for the winter, you will want to temporarily suspend service.

Close Account:

To close your account, start by logging into your HostBaby Members area. If you have any trouble logging in, please see our article on logging into your account.

Once you're logged into your Members area, click on the link in the navigation to the left titled, "Close Account". You will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

From here, it will list all of the domains that are currently associated with your account. Check the box next to the name of the domain(s) you want to cancel. If you want to cancel all of them, select the box next to every domain you'd like to cancel.

After selecting the domain(s) you want to close, you will see a short survey on the reason you are closing your account. If there is something you feel we could improve upon, or a feature you needed that we don't offer, here is your best chance to let us know. Each survey is read by a real person, and your opinions will be heard, so we really appreciate any feedback you're willing to provide.

Next, let us know you want this account to be closed, and not suspended. Look for the section titled, "Why are you closing your account?". It will look like this:

Click the box next to "Giving up site entirely"; This lets us know that you do not intend to come back to this site when closing your account.

Once you have selected the domain, filled out the optional survey, and selected the reason you are closing the account, click the "Submit" button at the very bottom of the page to submit your request to close your account.

After we've had a chance to review your cancellation request, you will be sent a confirmation email notifying you that the account is fully closed. Close account requests are typically processed within 1-2 hours during regular business hours.

Temporarily Suspending your Account:

If you want to put your account on hold for a few months, either to catch up a past due bill or because you made millions of dollars selling your music and now you're taking a much needed long vacation, please let us know so we can pause your monthly hosting billing.

The process for suspending your account is nearly identical to closing your account. The difference is really just one check box.

Start by clicking on the navigation link to the left on your Members area, titled, "Close Account". Then check the box next to the domain(s) you want to suspend. If you want to suspend all of your domains, please check them all.

After selecting your domain(s) to suspend, you will need to scroll down to the section of the form that says "Why are you closing your account?" It will look like this:

Click the box that says "Temporary suspension, but plan to return", which lets us know you are not really wanting to close the account, just suspend it for a while.

This ensures we make sure your domain name still stays active so no one else can register your domain name. Your site will not be visible, but you will not have any problems turning it back on when you are ready to. Understand that you may incur charges for the renewal of the domain name if that happens while your account is in a suspended state.

NOTE: No hosting charges will occur, but you are still responsible for the yearly domain name registration fees as needed.

Finally, Click "Submit" at the bottom of the form.

That notifies us you want to suspend the account, a real human will read your request, and send you a confirmation to let you know your request was processed successfully. Then when you are ready to start services again, all you need to do is send us an email or give us a call, and we will get your site online again ASAP!

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