What does HostBaby offer?

Hello, and welcome to HostBaby! We are very excited you are considering us for your website!

HostBaby is an amazing way for an artist to set up a new website with minimal knowledge of any form of web design or computer programming. We provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to get your new site started in minutes! With a music-focused company and a support staff of musicians just like you, we are always excited to help you get started on your journey to a successful website!

HostBaby offers 3 different types of Hosting accounts.

1.) HearNow - HearNow is a simple, one-page website, based on your album or single distributed through CD Baby. If you are not a CD Baby Member, you will need to sign-up and release an album or single before you can create a HearNow page.

Virtually no technical skills required, as the page is generated from your info on your CD Baby account.

2.) Site Builder - Our most common account type is the ATS Site Builder. This is our most popular choice. Combining a full featured content builder for your site, with professionally designed themes for your selection, from our theme library!

Very minimal technical ability required! An average computer user should have little to no problems using this service.

3.) Full Developer - A blank web space for creating your website completely from scratch! This is exactly what it sounds like, no tools or no add-ons, just direct FTP access to upload a site you've created yourself or perhaps had a developer create for you. This is all on you, show us what you got!

Advanced users only. Knowledge of coding and a high level of technical aptitude is required. We only provide minimal support for this account type, since it is expected that if you are using this method, that you are a developer.

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