FAQ: Domain Transfers

Transfer what now?

Here's a little 101 on domain registration. Hostbaby has it's own registrar (Tucows aka OpenSRS). Other registrars out there would be companies like Network Solutions, GoDaddy, and Enom.

When you register a domain with a certain registrar, they have the ability to make significant changes to your domain registry. Things like your DNS, Email routing, CNAME redirects; the list is pretty substantial. Remember, your domain is basically an address in the address book known as the Internet.

Keeping that address up to date is important, and only your current REGISTRAR can make those changes. So if your registrar can't be accessed by your host... well... making important updates and changes become difficult...

Why Transfer?

Transferring your domain to the appropriate registrar is very important for maintaining your registration information and keeping your domain active.

Some of our customers sign up for hosting with domains already, which is great! Changing your DNS will allow us to host for you, but we can't renew your domain, or change any administrative contact information about it if you have another registrar!

Conversely, if you are moving your hosting to someone other than Hostbaby, then you'd really want to transfer your domain to your new registrar/host so they can perform the same tasks! Long story short: Keep your domain registration with your intended host! It makes life a lot easier for all parties involved.

How to Transfer:

The transferring process works the same way; joining our registrar, or transferring away. We'll call your current registrar "A", and your future registrar "B". A step-by-step walk though of the process is located Here.


Things to consider before transferring:
  • You'll want to make sure your domain won't expire in the interim period! Give yourself 1 month before your domain expires for ANY transfer you want to perform.
  • Registrars require you to wait 60 days after a new domain registration or domain renewal before you can transfer it
  • Some registrars may even charge you to transfer your domain away (although that's pretty rare)
  • Always be sure your host can access your registry via their registrar unless you plan on making all the adjustments to your domain's registry yourself.
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