Sign-Up for HostBaby

Here are the steps to signing up for an account with us!

  1. Sign up at by clicking "Sign Up" or "Try It Free Today"
  2. Fill in your information on the Sign-Up screen
  3. Click "Sign me up for my free trial" to continue
  4. On the next page, you will enter the domain name you would like to sign up with. If you already own the domain name elsewhere you can still use it, if you do not already own the domain name then we will register it for you.
  5. Click "Sign me up for my free trial" to continue.
  6. Choose which best describes your site (musician, author or other).
    • Note: This does not affect your options for building your site, you will have all the features of the Site Builder or Full Developer account despite what you choose here. This field is simply for our own statistics which we refer to when creating new themes and adding features.

  7. Choose your account type.
    • The Site Builder plan installs our software on your site for you to build a site without having to know any code.
    • The Web Developer Plan gives you web hosting space for you to upload your custom website to as well as email and ListBaby services.
    • If you aren't sure which to choose, we suggest the Site Builder!
  8. Enter your payment information. You can either enter your credit card or subscribe using a PayPal subscription. This information is required to start your free trial, but don't worry we won't charge you until the end of your 30 day free trial.
    • If you chose to "Subscribe Using PayPal" then you will be directed to the PayPal website to login to your PayPal account that you would like to use for paying for your HostBaby service.
    • Review the payment and subscription details of the agreement.  Note: It is correct for the screen to show "Amount" of $0.00 as you will not be paying anything today for the 30-day free trial.
    • Click the "Agree" button to continue on.
    • Your subscription is all set up!!  Give your browser a couple seconds to continue automatically or click the link.
  9. After submitting your payment information you're all set! Just watch for an email from us at the email address you provided with your login details!
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