To access the properties of a page, click on Properties or the + symbol next to the page you want to work with.

The Properties of that page should be expanded and look like this:

  1. ORDER - This is a heading letting your know that the icon below it allows you to move the order of your pages.
  2. TITLE - The name of your page will be displayed in this row.
  3. STATUS - The status of your page, published or unpublished, will be displayed under this heading.
  4. PAGE TYPE - Under this heading will be listed the type of page template used.
  5. You can drag bar to change the order of your pages. The order in which you place your pages will be reflected on your navigation bar.
  6. The title of your page.
  7. This is the status of your page "published" or "unpublished". Published means your page is on the web where users can view it AND unpublished means you are the only person who can view it.
  8. The page type you chose in the drop down menu "Choose Page Type" when creating your page.
  9. Click this link to edit your page.
  10. Clicking properties expands this section.
  11. Delete your page by clicking this link. You will be warned one more time prior to deletion.
  12. Clicking view allows you to see how your page will look on the web.
  13. This ONLY appears for the page you have designated as your home page.
  14. You can rename your page here.
  15. This is where you designate which page you would like to be your home page.
  16. Use this to make this page into a subpage. This drop-down menu will display all your pages. Simply scroll to the page you would like this to be a sub-page (sub-menu) of on your navigation bar.
  17. Status allows you to publish or unpublish a page.
  18. You can delete your page here and you will receive a second warning before the page is deleted.
  19. Clicking cancel will cancel out any changes made and collapse the menu.
  20. Click SAVE to make changes and the window will close.
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