The HostBaby blog page is simple to use and update. The best part is, your friends and fans will continue to re-visit your site to keep up with the articles and content you post. Your site visitors can read and comment on your entries and subscribe to your updates via an RSS reader. RSS readers are built into most modern web browsers.

You can read more about RSS here:

Creating A New Blog Post

  1. Click on ADD POST to create a post.
  2. Title your blog entry, under BLOG POST TITLE, write the content in the BLOG POST ENTRY area and click "Publish" at the bottom of the page.

You will notice that you have the ability to "Save As Draft" so you don't have to publish your post until you're ready.

You'll notice that all unpublished entries will be marked with a red asterisk.

If you do make a mistake on a 'published' post you can always go back and re-publish with the changes you made. Just click on the post link. Make your changes and click PUBLISH.

Styling Your Posts

Use the HTML Editor to style your text and select pictures or videos from your Image Library and File Library to add to your blog.

Learn more about our HTML Editor.

Post Options

Click on OPTIONS to set how you want to control comments made to your blog.

Monitoring Comments

You can also moderate peoples' comments from your blog page, by deleting or approving them. The number of comments per post are shown on the right side of each entry. Simply click the number to view your comments for that post.

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