Basic Info

The Basic Info section is more important than it might seem at first glance.

You cannot proceed with viewing or modifying any other part of the wizard until you fill it out.

You can leave the 'Website Title' blank (though you won't really want to), but you must fill out the 'Artist Name.'

The Artist Name is important, as it shows up in the following places:

  • Search Engines
  • In the title bar of your viewer's web browser
  • As a header on some of our templates
  • In the copyright area of your website

The Website Title section is important because it's an excellent place to seed keywords into your site for search engine placement, and it's your viewer's first summary of your website when your result is returned on a search engine listing. Choosing this phrase wisely will help you immensely. If you are an Elvis Impersonator in Las Vegas who specializes in weddings, you'll want to put: "Las Vegas Wedding Elvis Impersonator" as your Website Title.

Search Engines

Once your website is registered with search engines, the Artist Name and Website Title will show up as the title of your website. You'll want to choose this carefully as it weighs heavily in search engine rank and relevance; For more info on those terms, see our search engine tutorial. For example, if I had placed 'HOSTBABY' in the Artist Name above, and 'web hosting for musicians' in the Website Title section, then when someone searched and found HostBaby as a result, this is what would appear in the search engine listing:

Title Bar

The Title Bar of your web browser is the gray application area above your browser's Address Bar. See here for an example of what it looks like on my computer (using Firefox on a Macintosh.) Your experience will be different if you use a different browser or operating system, but the general area will always be the same:

Template Header

Some of our templates incorporate your Artist Name into the top of each page. This is great for search engine placement, as well as branding. It lets people know that they're on your website.

Copyright Section

To secure your content, there is a copyright automatically placed on every page of your website. The copyright follows this format: © Artist Name

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