Audio Players

There are two audio players available for use with the Site Builder, the Audio Player Widget and the Flash Player.

Audio Player Widget (Recommended):

Built on HTML5 - this player will work on most devices currently on the market, old and new.

Sharing capability - The new audio player allows you to share songs on Facebook so your fans can share their favorite song with their friends! (They cannot download it, just link to the song so it can be viewed on your site.)

Customization - There are 8 unique skins to choose for your Audio Player Widget

The 'new' Widget Audio Player offers universal playback ability, using multiple playback methods depending on the browser and device that your site is viewed on, so that it will work seamlessly across most platforms.

The 'Legacy' Flash Audio Player offers seamless playback by loading itself into a frame above or below your page to always play your tracks without interruption. This audio player uses the Flash technology to play your audio files and as such is not compatible with older Mac computers and any tablets or mobile devices.

NOTE: The audio is pulled from your Audio Page, so make sure you have setup an audio page first. If you do not know how, click here to read our article on setting up an audio page.

For a guide on how to setup an audio player widget, click here.

Built-in Audio Player

We've recently retired the old flash-based player with a new, updated HTML5 player that will show at the top or the bottom of your pages. If you were using the old flash-based player, your player will automatically update to the new version, retaining your playlist and your color choices. 

Currently, this is the only method for auto-playback on site load, which is a commonly asked for feature. Please understand it is considered bad practice to have audio players start playing on site load. This is due to the fact that if someone were in a quiet place and had their speakers turned on, such as a library, if they visited your site music would come blasting out of their speakers. This is both disruptive, and startling in some cases, and we tend to discourage people from doing this on general principles but we leave the final decision up to you.


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