Your Bio page can be used to create either one single bio for yourself, or multiple bios for you and your band mates.

First, go to (replacing with your actual domain.) Log in. Click on Manage Pages. If you have not already created a Bio page, Create a new Bio page.

And you will see the following screen:

Clicking the ADD BIOGRAPHY button will take you to the next page where you can enter in your bio text, name and member's role (if necessary.)

Once done, click ADD at the bottom, and it will take you back to your bio page, where you can click the title again to edit or delete the entry you just made, or ADD NEW to create a second bio.

To delete or edit, once again, all you need do is click on the title of any bio entry you've created. To edit, simply make updates to the text and hit UPDATE. To delete, simply click the DELETE button instead.

And that's the bio page!

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