When you create a calendar page you will be brought to a window that will give the choice of ADD EVENT and OPTIONS.

Adding an event is made easy with the Host Baby calendar which accesses a huge database of venues and fills in the proper venue as you type in the name.

Here's how to enter in calendar dates:

  1. Click "ADD EVENT"
  2. Begin typing the name of the venue into the Name of Venue of show field. If one or more venues match that name, they will appear in a drop down list including the city and state. If you see the venue you want, click on it to select it and all the venue details will be automatically entered for you.
  3. If the venue you seek does not appear in the drop down list it will be added to your personal list of venues for next time when you click ADD.
  4. Don't forget to click the Event Info tab to fill out those details before you hit ADD.

That's it!

You can customize your calendar by clicking on "OPTIONS"

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