Setting up a Contact Page

The Contact Page allows you to either simply post contact info or create a booking or contact form.
I's easy as pie, though don't ask me why pie is easy, because often-times I find pie difficult. (to resist!)
The Contact Page allows you to post your contact information in 2 ways, either as a Contact Info section OR as a Contact Form.

Important things to note:

In a Contact Form, your contact information is hidden, and your customers/fans would enter their information into the prompts to send you a message. This is the best method for most people, as it protects them to a reasonable extent from spammers just adding you to a bunch of mailing lists. (Something I assure you, you do not want.)

In a Contact Info section, your information is posted publicly to your site, meaning anyone who wants to contact you can just go to your site, and it is visible right there. This makes it easier to get your contact information to fans, but also opens you up to spam, so choose wisely.

Creating a Contact Info Section:

Click that "ADD CONTACT INFO" button.

Enter in as much info as you feel comfortable with.

Once you have filled out all the pertinent information, click the "add" button as indicated below.

NOTE: Do NOT put your physical address or phone number on the web unless these are specifically separate from your personal life (i.e. a PO BOX or a secondary phone for business.) There's no reason that your fans need to know where you live. If you want to be able to receive physical mail, we recommend a PO Box as a safety measure.



You can now add additional contacts by clicking the ADD CONTACT INFO button again to add a second set of contact information (i.e. your booking agent, perhaps?)

Move your contacts by just dragging the bar to place in any order example.

You can edit or delete an existing entry by clicking on its title.

This is the order in which the contact information will be presented on your site; Although the style/font colors/etc will vary according to the theme you choose.

And that's it! Your contact page is done!

Creating a Contact Form:

Simply go to your contact page and click Add Contact Form.

You will be brought to the below page where you can customize your form. You will change the text that you want to appear on the form, in the section as indicated by the RED arrow.

Once you have done that, enter the email you want to receive the messages at in the spot indicated by the RED arrow in the image below.

NOTE: We HIGHLY recommend using the email addresses we provide as they are not going to flag the message as spam, because it comes from an auto-responder. Most consumer accounts, such as Gmail, and Yahoo have DMARC Policies that prohibit this kind of traffic, and will block the messages without warning.

Our handy contact form builder allows you to create specific forms based on your needs. Ask your visitors specific questions using the form options and the answers will be delivered directly to your inbox. This is a great way to keep your email address out of the hands of spammers and a perfect tool to create booking forms or gather targeted info from your visitors.

If you decide you do not want an element, just click the red "X" to remove.

When you are done setting up your contact form, click "Save" as indicated in the below image with a RED Arrow.

Contact Form Example

There are limitless possibilities in how you configure your form.

That's it! You are done!

Multiple Contact Example

If you want to give your customer multiple ways to contact you, (maybe one for you, one for your agent/booking agency?) You can just add additional forms/contact sections. They will all appear in the order you have them on the Contact Page.

To change the order, just drag the forms around with the top one being the one you want to show first.


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