A Guestbook is a great way to bring interactivity to your website. A guestbook page allows your friends and fans to leave public messages on your site.

All you have to do is add a guestbook page and set it to publish to enable it.

Now, once you have guestbook entries, this page is where you will go to remove/approve entries. For the security of your audience, it's not possible to *edit* guestbook entries. But you can remove them entirely. Alternately if, under the Options link, you have enabled Guestbook Moderation you will have the option to remove or delete entries before they actually make it to your website. We highly recommend this.

Below is an example of two entries - one already approved and available for deletion, and another that has not yet been approved, which offers you the option of approving or deleting that entry before it goes live on your website:

Like the picture above highlights, you have a green check mark available to approve messages, and the X to delete them.

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